What Are You Getting Your Employees for Christmas?

Something to Gift Your Employees For Christmas

As you’re flipping through the catalogs for cheese logs, embroidered apparel, and specialty chocolates (or possibly shopping the dark web for bulk Christmas-scented hand sanitizer), think about this:

What kind of impact would it make if you could give your employees the gift of goal setting, for both your business and their own personal and professional lives?

We aren’t advocating for ditching your traditional holiday presents for your employees, but rather are challenging you to up the ante by kicking off 2021 by helping your employees develop the discipline of goal setting through the tool we developed called GRITTrac. GRITTrac is a simple web platform for tracking company, team, and individual employee goals.

Shawn Burcham, CEO of PFSbrands, describes GRITTrac like this:

The GRITTrac system at its heart is really designed for every single individual to get into a GRITT mind-set—to create goals, to be responsible, to be involved with the company, to make sure they know where the team is, and to have that tolerance of failure.

Some key benefits of GRITTrac are transparency, alignment, accountability, and ownership.

Transparency. Knowledge is power, but communication takes time. Through GRITTrac you can share your company goals with your entire team. Any employee can log in and see the current status of the company set goals.

Alignment. Teams and individual employees link their quarterly goals to the organizational goals, ensuring that everyone in your company is moving in the same direction.

Accountability. GRITTrac sends automated alerts to employees when they need to set new goals or update the status of current goals. It also alerts managers if goals are behind or have not been updated in a while, so that they can encourage employees to get back on track.

Ownership. GRITTrac isn’t about management or employers setting goals for their employees. It is about employees taking individual ownership and setting goals in their work roles, professional development, and even personal lives.

“If you aim at nothing, you will hit it every time” (Zig Ziglar). Help your employees get on track for success in 2021 by gifting them a system for setting and tracking goals. GRITTrac is the gift that will give back again and again to your company, guaranteed.


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