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There’s nothing more important for your business’s profitability and success than your employees. Our team has decades of experience working to perfect the art of hiring. Schedule a time to talk with our expert:


% Lower Turnover (in high turnover environments)

Assessments WORK!

At GBC, we utilize the proprietary assessment in both recruitment and continued employee development to take away the guess-work of hiring and to make sure each team members’ talents and strengths are optimized for stronger business results.

How We Can Make Your Life Easier


Take the guess-work and gut-feelings out of the hiring process. Utilize a work-trait assessment to make sure you get the right people in the right roles from day one.


Not everyone thinks and communicates the same way. The assessment tool can help you understand your employees so that you can better motivate, coach and communicate with them, which leads to reduced turnover.

Self/Team Awareness

Use the assessment to help your team members better understand themselves and others so that they can work effectively as a team.


Do you have the right people in the right seats? Find out if you are using them to their fullest potential to drive profitability of your organization.

Significant Other

Communication, motivation, and understanding.

Child 16+

Understand natural traits and enjoyable ways of working and thinking. Can help lead them in the right direction for career paths.


Family understanding, best ways to communicate/resolve conflict.


Conflict resolution with use of assessments.

Schedule Assessment with Personal Consultation

Take three of the best assessments in the industry including Gallup CliftonStrength Finders and Kolbe with a personal consultation on all three.

Gallup CliftonStrength Finders Assessment

Teams that received strengths-based, engaged development have achieved:


% Increased Sales


% Increased Profit


% Fewer Safety Incidents


% Lower Turnover

People Success GRITT Business Coaching

GBC uses CliftonStrengths assessment to help leaders, managers, and employees leverage their strengths and manage their weaknesses for positive outcomes in the workplace and life.

On average, organizations have seen a 7% increase in employee engagement just by having employees take the assessment.

Gallup’s meta-analysis of 1.2 million individuals and 49,495 work units in 45 countries specifically shows how strengths affect outcomes and engagement

The most effective way to develop and empower people is to help them use their strengths. Unfortunately, the way we traditionally approach personal development may be preventing many people from achieving excellence.

Here’s the valuable knowledge you can gain with the right assessment:

A person’s ability to achieve excellence and get the most out of their life is directly linked to understanding, developing and aiming their strengths at the outcomes that matter.

A persons’ talents — the thoughts, feelings and behaviors that come naturally to them — are the source of their true potential. The better they can apply these talents, the greater their potential to consistently act with more confidence, direction and hope.

Strengths-based development is the No. 1 strategy for developing a person’s potential. The most direct path to individual growth begins with a primary investment in a person’s greatest talents.

KOLBE RIGHTFIT Hiring Solutions

Smarter Team Selection Based on Instinctive Strengths

Kolbe A and C Index

Supervisors and current top performers in the job (if any) take the Kolbe A Index to identify their methods of operation. Supervisors also complete the Kolbe C Index, which identifies their requirements for the job.

Kolbe Range of Success

Index results are used to create a Kolbe Range of Success report which displays the instinctive problem-solving characteristics required for success in the job.

Candidate Report

The Candidate Report ranks individual job applicants based on how closely their Kolbe A Index results fit the Range of Success profile.

Using Kolbe Index results enables you to bring out the best in your people. You can also add members to your team who will become valuable assets.

Interviewing and hiring are two of the biggest investments companies make – and the returns are great when you match the right people with the right positions.

When an employee, manager, or potential hire takes a Kolbe Index, Kolbe analyzes the results and presents concise, easy-to-read reports that can help your business compete and succeed.

Whether you’re hiring an entry-level employee, replicating a top performer or filling a critical need on a team, Kolbe’s RightFit™ software identifies the best candidate quickly and cost effectively.

GRITT Business Coaching People Success Kolbe

4 Steps to a Better Hire:

Define job requirements with input from leaders and other evaluators.

Identify instinctive strengths of leaders and current high performers.

Create a Range of Success for the job using Kolbe’s RightFit software.

Screen candidates to see who is most likely to succeed in the job based on their conative strengths. Each candidate will be given a letter grade from A to F.

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There’s nothing more important for your business’s profitability and success than your employees.