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Engage Your Workforce

Ask any CEO throughout the nation and their biggest problem is employee engagement. Simply put, their employees just show up. We can show you how to engage your workforce, reduce turnover and improve loyalty!

Grow Your Leadership Skills and Team

Going from a level 3 leader up to a level 5 leader could make a huge difference in your career and your business. Learn how to command a room, increase employee loyalty, and improve your overall leadership abilities!

Create a learning culture

From block and tackle marketing to income statements to cash flow to even setting up an ESOP, we have the experience to improve your business and financial literacy and improve it throughout your organization!

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Collective years of leadership and coaching experience

Our Vision Is To See Your Vision Thrive!

Many business owners measure employee performance, engagement, and satisfaction goals in broad strokes, but in order to actually improve, you’re going to need measurable metrics and actionable goals. This is where GRITT Business Coaching (GBC) enters the picture.

We offer superior business coaching designed to empower corporate leadership, and our results-driven strategies ensure positive and lasting outcomes. You need the confidence to move your company forward and we help you to thrive through assessment, tracking, and customized tools and strategies that help you to set and reach suitable goals.

You want to engage employees to boost performance, satisfaction, and loyalty. You want to improve business and financial literacy throughout your organization. You need business strategies that allow speedy and successful scaling. You need business leaders that consistently connect and deliver results.

GBC offers performance coaching, leadership coaching, and even CEO coaching services based on 80 years of collective leadership and coaching experience and over 100 years of industry experience, not to mention proven results – our combined highest grossing revenue year for clients clocked in at $875,000,000.

Our business consulting acumen is second to none, and we have the skill and experience to help you make the most of your primary asset – people – so that you can ultimately reach the most important business goal – profit. Are you ready to thrive? GBC has the customized solutions you need.

Experienced Business Coaching

Employees are more than identical cogs in a well-oiled machine. They’re individuals with unique talents and personal goals that can’t be ignored if you want to inspire peak performance and fully utilize your greatest assets.

Our vast expertise in business coaching is first and foremost aimed at helping you find the best ways to connect with the people your business relies on to succeed, so that you can evaluate engagement and loyalty, giving you the information you need to create actionable initiatives and increase employee performance and satisfaction.

CEO Coaching for Increased Empowerment

Climbing the management ladder to reach C-suite status imparts many valuable lessons, but at the highest levels of business management, you’ll be expected to collaboratively helm a massive pyramid of people, and the buck stops with you. If you’ve made it this far, you’re prepared to face challenges head-on, but before you enter the jousting arena, you need to know how to handle your horse and lance.

GBC’s unique brand of CEO coaching is designed to imbue leadership with the skills that will elevate confidence in every aspect of operations, whether you’re connecting with a room full of employees, investors, or clients, or you’re molding a team of talented individuals into loyal and driven team members that want to succeed as much as you do.

As the saying goes, attitude reflects leadership. If you want your labor force to perform at peak levels, you need to do more than just issue commands. You need to inspire. You need to believe in your mission and effectively convey your passion and commitment so those on the front lines of your organization share your enthusiasm and conviction. Our leadership coaching strategies will level you up to the confident, top-notch leader you were meant to be.

Performance Coaching for Increased Engagement

Your business is not a game, but that doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from recent gamification trends used to make typically dull events far more engaging. Our unique Profit & Cash game is a fun learning and team-building tool that helps employees recognize the value of their efforts within your organization, engaging them in new ways to drive performance.

The game itself is aimed at improving financial literacy. Every employee contributes to the financial success of your organization, and understanding their role helps them understand how they make a difference, and why their success is your success.

With both conceptual and practical elements, GBC’s Profit & Cash game helps to elevate your employee knowledge base where both business and financial literacy are concerned so that everyone, from the ground up, understands the impact their decisions and contributions have on overall success. Making money is the first and most basic goal of any business, and our performance coaching game involves your employees in practical and engaging ways that encourage friendly competition.

Results-Driven Leadership Coaching

Motivation starts with communication, and the leadership and business coaching tools provided by GBC are designed to maximize performance and growth. Effectively communicating team and individual goals creates clear pathways to success and infuses your workforce with the same passion that drives you.

In addition, our customized scoreboards do more than encourage healthy competition – they increase engagement at every level, encourage cooperative camaraderie, and instill a desire to win in every member of your organization. When assertive and compelling leaders use appropriate motivational tools to boost participation and engagement, improved results are assured. The business consulting experts at GBC can get you there with targeted and effective leadership coaching.


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