Coaching an Employee with a Negative Attitude

An employee with a negative attitude can be a bottleneck in your team’s productivity. As much as you want to coach, some people will be challenging. Here at GRITT Business Coaching, we will help you through effective employee engagement coaching.

Addressing a negative attitude is personal, so we ask the employee if they have health problems, financial issues, or other personal woes. Most of the time, this will reveal a lot about why an employee has a pessimistic disposition.

We also consider the possibility that the employee has a conflict with another team member. They may feel underappreciated or that you’re dismissing his or her concerns. Many times, poor communication kills employees’ drive, leading to a pessimistic attitude.

To fix this, we avoid discussing the hostile attitude in an offending way. Always keep the conversation two-way so the employee won’t feel judged or looked down.

Starting with the bigger picture is a smart move. We discuss the impact of negative attitude and how it affects the entire team. This will help an employee step back and reflect how his or her attitude is affecting co-workers.

Above all, turning a negative attitude around requires three things: goal, plan, and action. We set a specific goal then outline a potential plan where we will base the action.

Our coaching for business is founded on guaranteed results and facts. We foster a positive and inclusive environment to bridge any gap that may cause negativity.

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How can you make negative staff more positive?

You turn a pessimistic employee around through proper and effective employee engagement coaching. Here at GRITT, we help organizations and companies boost their productivity through healthy and effective employee engagement.

We extend our services to anywhere in the United States so all teams can defeat negativity. Our coaches will detect the cause of the negative disposition and draft a plan to fix it. We work hand-in-hand with team leaders to realize the best results.

Our goal is to help leaders provide feedback that will push employees to do better. Everything is done in a positive and encouraging manner. We also help business owners remove the cause of negativity in their workplace.

Accountability, attractive compensation, and better communication are the start of preventing negativity in the workplace. We work with you so you can help your staff leave behind the pessimistic attitude.

Our coaches will conduct in-house training and set a specific goal for your employees. As the owner or leader, we also involve you in the process. The leaders’ eagerness to take part trickles down to their subordinates. This creates an uplifting and eventually positive vibe in the workplace.

Moreover, you should consider every complaint valid and show sincere intention to create solutions. During the process, team leaders should avoid becoming defensive or brash in addressing problems. Instead, they should make employee interactions positive.

Above all, we use active listening to identify what’s causing the negative attitude within the workplace. You’ll be surprised by the grievances of your employees that have been left unaddressed. Listening to your employees is also a learning process that will help the company in shaping their priorities.