Performance Coaching Testimonials from Our Past and Present Clients

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From the moment I picked Kimber up at the airport, she went right to work. After only a few days of observation and many questions Kimber already had life-changing advice to offer! Kimber’s leading edge ability to assess our gas station and convenience store business is truly amazing. She was able to integrate with our staff and sales representatives to cover a great deal of ground in a relatively very short period of time.

The changes we have made and continue to make, all suggested by Kimber, are making a significant traction with our daily operations and overall numbers goals. We are excited to continue our relationship with Kimber in order to stay on track and meet our 2019 business goals!

- Jan Preston

Tiger Mart

You have offered a gamechanger, through GRITT Business Coaching, for business owners like myself who have become complacent with accepting the same results every year. I was simply just tired , frustrated and confused. I didn’t know how to communicate to my team the importance of thinking and acting like an owner and accepting the responsibility for their actions or lack therof.

I started All-n-One Outdoor Solutions (AnO) in August of 1998 with a vision of a team that would work together to provide the best irrigation system installations and service in Mid-Missouri. I focused on doing what I said I would do for my customers. I was great at working IN the business but not working ON the business. What I’d been doing helped to build the AnO brand but along the way I was struggling to understand how to build up the AnO team. After almost 20 years I was getting to the point where I wondered “Is this as good as it gets?”, “Can I make it one more year or am I done?”. How “self-centered”.

Then, thankfully, at just the right time, I became acquainted with Shawn Burcham. He spoke to me about PFSbrands, their culture, how they practice Open Book Management and how he and his team believe in servant leadership. I even heard from others about the tremendous growth PFSbrands was experiencing because of the focus they placed on culture, goals, accountability and financial literacy. What he talked about was compelling but I was certain this would not work in a small landscape irrigation company.

After much consideration, I took a chance and it’s paying off. We teamed up with GRITT Business Coaching and have seen a tremendous mood shift within our team. It was a struggle at first to understand the concept of servant leadership and open-book management, however, Shawn and Patrick have been there to guide us through and they are compelling in their beliefs and convictions. I now understand the importance of sharing the numbers with the team.

Before, I would NEVER let the team members see the numbers because ‘they would know too much’. That was an old school way of thinking. In actuality, sharing the financials has empowered each team member to think like and more importantly ACT like owners.

From the office team to irrigation installers to the mowing team – they have all embraced the GRITT Business Coaching philosophy and are excited, engaged and happy!

I have not been this excited about the future of AnO since I started it 20 years ago. Patrick, please keep Coaching, Preaching and Mentoring to those who want to CREATE REAL CHANGE IN THE CULTURE OF THEIR PEOPLE BUSINESS. Thank you.

Tom Horn
All-n-One Outdoor Solutions

Testimonials: Mark Gandy

I am writing this letter regarding my experience with Mark Gandy.

In 2010 I was in the market for someone to perform a business valuation on Osage Food Products. Via a friend of a friend referral I was introduced to Mark Gandy. When we first talked I explained that I was looking for a basic analysis of my business in order to determine strengths and weaknesses of the organization.

That was 8 years ago and all I can say is WOW. Actually, that’s not all I can say however what follows would not do justice to Mark’s value to my organization.

Mark initially visited our offices and spent several days with my accounting manage. During his time in our office Mark compiled a complete financial history of Osage Food Products dating back to the inception of the company. Upon completion he put together several presentations and spreadsheets as well as SWOT analysis that we still refer to today.

The financial analysis detailed all P&L and Balance sheets and gave me an in depth view in to the very business I created. The presentations Mark created outlined detail SWOT analysis as well goal setting materials for the company and managers.

After the initial financial history and valuation presentations were complete Mark offered to continue working with Osage as our CFO. Saying yes to his offer was the best decision I have made in business outside of actually starting my own business.

In the years that have followed Mark has shown a care and concern for Osage that still leaves me overwhelmed. While being a “part time” CFO for Osage Mark’s dedication is full time and quite honestly more overtime. He is genuine in his desire to see Osage, myself and every employee here succeed and grow.

The following are just a few of the highlights of what Mark has contributed to Osage:

  • Interviewed each sales person and assisted them in creating their own SWOT analysis
  • Provided training and guidance for my accounting manager so that she now has a complete understanding of how to read and find discrepancies in financial reports
  • Taught my accounting manager key points of financial reporting so that she can better prepare reports for my review as well as review from our lending partners
  • Provides detailed margin and sales analysis so that my sales team can better evaluate their business
  • Conducted onsite sales “training” with the team and has from time to time sent the entire sales team books covering a variety of sales related topics
  • Mark spent a day on the phones with the sales people cold calling looking for new business prospects just so he could better understand what we do.
  • Provides us with monthly reports showing not just numbers but charts and graphs that show trends and statistical data for margins, sales and commissions as well as where business is being gained, static or lost.
  • Provided information on Kolbe Index that we now use for all sales staff so that we may better understand how people work and how we can better work with each other

Without a doubt I could continue highlighting what Mark has done and in two more pages I would probably still miss some of his contributions to Osage. When there are so many items, discussion topics, even a sentence here and there that were an “ah hah” moment it becomes a daunting task to record each contribution.

In my life and in business I have been privileged to find success. I’ve also been fortunate to have met many intelligent, driven and successful people that I have been able to call on for advice, guidance and inspiration. And while these are all great attributes there remains one other factor that when put together makes the person and that is trust.

Mark Gandy GRITT Business Coaching Coach 2

Mark Gandy has my complete faith and trust and that puts him in a very select group. He has made me, Osage Food Products and my staff better and without a doubt is part of our family.

Bill Dickinson
President of Osage Food Products