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Shawn Burcham is the Founder & CEO of Pro Food Systems, Inc. (PFSbrands) which he and his wife Julie started, out of their home in 1998. PFSbrands has grown to 130+ employee-owners across 18 states and is now 100% employee-owned. The company has over 1,300 branded foodservice locations across 38 states and they are best known for their Champs Chicken franchise brand which was started in 1999 – learn more about Champs Chicken Franchise Opportunities. The company now offers BluTaco as a franchise brand and Cooper’s Express as a license program. They also create private label programs for many of their customers. PFSbrands works predominately with supermarkets and convenience stores across the country.

Prior to starting PFSbrands Shawn spent 5 years with a Fortune 100 company, Mid-America Dairyman. Pioneering an intern program and sales training program, at a young age just after graduating college he assumed a 14 state Regional Sales Manager position for the Packaged & Processed Cheese Division. He went on to spend three years as a Regional Sales Manager for a Midwest Chester Fried distributor.

Shawn made a decision in 1998 to take a major risk in quitting his job and starting a business from the ground floor. Since starting PFSbrands, Shawn has started and grown over 10 businesses while also investing in other businesses where he feels he can help owners become more successful.

It’s because of these varied experiences that Shawn truly believes empowering employees to think and act like owners is the recipe for success.

Shawn is passionate about helping others become more successful in work and in life. He believes in taking care of employees and providing them with opportunities where they can excel. He has a non-entitlement mentality and a straight-talk approach. He believes that all leaders need to CARE, HAVE FUN, and HOLD PEOPLE ACCOUNTABLE TO HIGH EXPECTATIONS. Shawn is a true entrepreneur that has taken the risks necessary to lead a company to double-digit growth for 20+ years.

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