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Paul Hockett


Paul Hockett is an experienced Healthcare Administrator with more than 20 years in leadership. He is an Innovative Team and Visionary Leader with a proven track record of developing, enhancing and leveraging service lines that generate increased revenue and profitability for healthcare organizations.

Paul began his career as a Physical Therapist graduating from Maryville University in St Louis and later completed his Master’s in Healthcare Administration from Missouri State University.

He quickly became a well-recognized expert in the area of Spine Treatment and Pain. During his clinical years, he also worked as an Injury Prevention Consultant in various industries. These experiences allow him the ability to relate well at all levels of an organization.

Paul has served in leadership roles as a Clinical Manager, Administrative Director as well as in Compliance and Privacy in large healthcare systems and Occupational Medicine. More recently he has taken on Director roles in Occupational Health and as an Interim Leader/Consultant for Healthcare Organizations. The teams he has led have consistently performed in the top quartile and decile of their respective service lines.

Paul’s work has provided him with extensive healthcare leadership experience and expertise in multiple healthcare environments as well as in various industries. He has a passion to improve organizational health resulting in higher levels of performance and sustainability.

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