Patrick Carpenter


Patrick Carpenter


Patrick’s 30-year career includes senior management positions with two global fortune 100 companies and international business assignments in Canada, Brazil, Mexico and the UK where he opened offices and launched new products. Patrick also co-owned his own medical business which he grew from $1 million in revenue to over $12 million in revenue in 4 years.

As senior leader, he has served both large companies and small. During his career he has developed over $300 million dollars in new business. He has worked with companies such as McKesson, Johnson & Johnson, TYCO, 3M, Novartis, Kiolbassa, and New Belgium as well as public institutions such as John Hopkins University, Kansas University and the Mayo Clinic. During one three-year assignment with Omron Healthcare, Patrick led the professional medical group to acquire the American Heart Association endorsement for a new blood pressure monitor. This endorsement led to Omron gaining retail business with the top retail pharmacies in the world. Patrick also spent personal time to advance awareness in Hypertension working with leaders from AHA and the World Health Organization.

Patrick is on the Vistage speakers circuit and is a regular speaker at NCEO. Patrick is known for his unwavering commitment to client experience and positive long-lasting relationships.

Patrick is the son of the late Jill Carpenter, who helped to pioneer the concept of Open Book Management, co-authoring two books, The Power of Open-Book Management and The Field Book of Open-Book Management.

Patrick spent 10 years with SRC, the birthplace of open book management, and spent 8 years as a coach and a leader and helped to grow the company in profit and sales.

Patrick’s life work is now dedicated to honoring the legacy of Jill and the thousands of employees who are just crazy enough to believe that all employees should be treated with unconditional positive regard and taught to understand the financials, reaping the rewards they helped create.

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