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Open Book Leadership™ | Get Pivot-Ready with GRITT
April 16, 2020 – Central Time (US and Canada)


Get the 4 Key Strategies to Help You Pivot as an Owner and Leader

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How to Rise To The Top with Open Book Leadership (OBL™)

Actionable Secrets of Open Book Leadership™ From the Experts

At GRITT Business Coaching we have many clients who are beating the odds…

They are responding with confidence, developing new ideas and communicating strong and daily to their employees. Of the many strengths we see these three qualities seem to rise to the top that form what we call OBL™ (Open Book Leadership).

  1. Communication – Daily communication on the issues that matter most. Yes, this means daily COVID-19 cases in your area and reminding, again and again, to wash hands, adhere to social distancing, etc. The best leaders also accentuate the “what can we do about it” and remind the organization about their abilities.
  2. Transparency – We know that fear breeds in the unknown. Yes, it’s better to be upfront and honest about the financial challenges than it is to avoid the hard topics.
  3. GRITT – Regardless of what’s happening around you, embracing a GRITT mindset will help you overcome anything. As leaders, we need to encourage all of those around us (friends, family, and co-workers) to do the same. People who are successful are not lucky, they simply prepare and capitalize on opportunities that come their way. This is your time for training. This is your time to lead a resilient team that has the GRITT necessary to make it through any situation.
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