GRITT Business Coaching Acquires Profit & Cash® Assets

GRITT Business Coaching® recently acquired the Profit & Cash® financial literacy board game, the rights to the writings of The Power of Open-Book Management and The Open-Book Management Field Book, as well as all other intellectual property related to these items. GRITT Business Coaching operated under a letter of intent since January of 2019. The acquisitions were made on November 15, 2019 from the Schuster Kane Alliance.

With this acquisition, GRITT Business Coaching will be the sole business coaching services group to provide the invaluable teachings of the Profit & Cash® game and to own the two revolutionary books that act as a foundation for open-book management principles. To date, over 500,000 employees have completed Profit & Cash®.

Profit & Cash® is an interactive game of financial and business literacy. Players assume a business role and are presented with critical decisions, investment opportunities and strategic planning scenarios. Ultimately, participants better understand how the business makes money and generates cash, achieve a greater understanding of financial statements and how business decisions influence the big picture.

The Power of Open-Book Management contains essential advice from companies that have implemented open-book management. The Open-Book Management Field Book is a hands-on guide bringing practical advice on creating and implementing an open-book management strategy tailored to the specific needs of your company.

“Considering my mother was one of the authors of the two revolutionary books included in this acquisition and was involved in the creation of the Profit & Cash® game, it means a great deal to me personally – and for GRITT Business Coaching – to acquire these important assets,” states Patrick Carpenter, President of GRITT Business Coaching. “With these assets, we will be able to further educate and emphasize the importance of financial literacy to businesses around the world.”

To learn more about the Profit & Cash® board game, visit Profit & Cash.

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