All-N-One Testimonial

“I started All-n-One Outdoor Solutions (AnO) in August of 1998 with a vision of a team that would work together to provide the best irrigation system installations and service in Mid-Missouri. I focused on doing what I said I would do for my customers. I was great at working IN the business but not working ON the business. What I’d been doing helped to build the AnO brand but along the way I was struggling to understand how to build up the AnO team. After almost 20 years I was getting to the point where I wondered “Is this as good as it gets?”, “Can I make it one more year or am I done?”. How “self-centered”.

Then, thankfully, at just the right time, I became acquainted with Shawn Burcham. He spoke to me about PFSbrands, their culture, how they practice Open Book Management and how he and his team believe in servant leadership. I even heard from others about the tremendous growth PFSbrands was experiencing because of the focus they placed on culture, goals, accountability and financial literacy. What he talked about was compelling but I was certain this would not work in a small landscape irrigation company.

After much consideration, I took a chance and it’s paying off. We teamed up with GRITT Business Coaching and have seen a tremendous mood shift within our team. It was a struggle at first to understand the concept of servant leadership and open-book management, however, Shawn and Patrick have been there to guide us through and they are compelling in their beliefs and convictions. I now understand the importance of sharing the numbers with the team.”

“Before, I would NEVER let the team members see the numbers because ‘they would know too much’. That was an old school way of thinking. In actuality, sharing the financials has empowered each team member to think like and more importantly ACT like owners.”

“You have offered a gamechanger, through GRITT Business Coaching, for business owners like myself who have become complacent with accepting the same results every year. I was simply just tired , frustrated and confused. I didn’t know how to communicate to my team the importance of thinking and acting like an owner and accepting the responsibility for their actions or lack thereof.”


From the office team to irrigation installers to the mowing team- they have all embraced the GRITT Business Coaching philosophy and are excited, engaged and happy!

“I have not been this excited about the future of AnO since I started it 20 years ago. Patrick, please keep Coaching, Preaching and Mentoring to those who want to CREATE REAL CHANGE IN THE CULTURE OF THEIR PEOPLE BUSINESS. Thank you.”

– Tom Horn, All-N-One Outdoor Solutions